Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pear Deck in Google Slides

A great way to increase student engagement in your Slides presentation  

It is a new year and perhaps you are looking for a way to increase student participation and engagement in some of your tired old presentations.  Pear Deck has been around for quite awhile, but just recently has been added as a free add-on to Google Slides.
What can Pear Deck do for me and my class?
  • Add interactive content
  • Multiple Choice questions within the presentation
  • Short answer text directly on your slides
  • Number response options
  • Drawing with a sketch tool to illustrate their understanding
  • Click and drag options to make engaging interaction
  • Works on Google Slide presentations you have already made!

Still need to see more?

How do I get the Pear Deck Add-on?
To install the Pear Deck Add-on follow these simple steps.
  • Login to your Google Account
  • Open up an existing OR blank Google Slides presentation
  • From the Add-on menu choose “Get add-ons…”
  • Search for “Pear Deck”
  • Click the “+Free”
Using the Pear Deck Add-on
Once you have added Pear Deck, you can begin using it by going to the Add-on menu and selecting “Open Pear Deck Sidebar”.  This will launch the sidebar with several templates for you to start using right away.  Just add the slides you want to use directly into one of your existing Slides presentations.  
Using the presentation with your students
When you are ready to start using the presentation with your students simply open your presentation, go to the add-on menu and choose Pear Deck and “Present with Pear Deck”.  The screen will display directions for your students to join and follow along with your presentation.
Be watching for an after school session on this Add-on and other Slides Add-ons coming in February!