Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chrome Sign-in Features

Have all of your bookmarks and passwords follow you on any device.  
“I don’t remember what my password is, on my computer it just automatically shows up”.  Have you ever said this? Or hear anyone say something like this? Three is a very easy solution to this dilemma.  By signing in to your Chrome browser it is possible to sync your information to your account making it available on any device you use.  This will enable all of your bookmarks and passwords to follow you as well. This will save you time signing into accounts you use everyday here at school if you end up using a different device.  This is more than just signing in to your Google Account.
Signing into the Chrome Browser
  1. Look for the little person icon in the upper right corner of your browser window and click on it. 
  2. Click the “Sign in to Chrome” button”
  3. Sign in with your Google account
  4. Link your Chrome data to this account?  Click “Link Data”
  5. You are now signed into Google Chrome.  Click “Ok Got, It”
Once you do this you should see your name appear in the upper right corner where the person icon was previously.  When you go to a new computer simply follow these steps and your info will follow you to the new device.
If you are concerned about signing out of a device, this article from Google should answer your questions. [read article here].
This video demonstrates signing into Chrome.  [Watch it]
Other cool things Google has added over the past three months
  • Google launches new “What’s New in G Suite” page - Resource Link
  • Google Earth gets new Education category with classroom activities - Resource Link
  • Watch the live “Bear Cams” in Google Earth - Resource Link
  • Google Forms gets updates including suggested response validations, cross-domain file uploads, save preferences, checkbox grid question type, and section reordering - Resource Link
  • Google Meet gets text chat feature - Resource Link
  • Google Expeditions gets solo mode and annotation tool - Resource Link
  • YouTube shutting down its video editor and photo slideshow tools on September 20 - Resource Link
  • Duplicate Sections in Google Sites - Resource Link
  • Revision History becomes Version History and gets option to name version - Resource Link
  • Easier option to preview and accepts Suggested Edits in Doc - Resource Link

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